MAR 2014

The Shining City on a Hill

The one time I feel truly energised is when I am talking to the youth of this city. This week I had a chance to engage with students at the annual national techno-cultural fest at Oxford College of Engineering. I was deeply impressed by the energy of the students at the college.

There is an unstoppable pulse in our city, and we need to open doors to opportunities for each and every young person. We need to make space for the talent. When it comes to this talent, I can guarantee we have a lot of it.

I see it everyday in the new start-ups being created in the city. I see it in the new career turns the youth take from designers, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, chiefs, hospitality, social services, writers to engineers, management, medical sciences and academicians.

In each of these avenues we need more innovation and more opportunity for these minds that are bursting with ideas and potential.

I am making it a priority to bring more funding into our city from the central government. More funding means more minds on projects, more companies coming into the city. More jobs and collaborations are the inevitable results of increased funding coming into our city, into our infrastructure, including commuter rail and funds for the metro project, improved road density, and a better climate for private investment.

I spent most of my life in corporate sector and achieved success mainly through the exchanges of ideas, collaboration, and working with the public and the private sectors, I have a knowledge of how to bring and utilize funding to fertilize our city.

We have to create the right climate in order for our people to prosper. We need to create that climate together. The responsibilities lie with you and I. This city has no limits. But we need to push, we need to believe, we need to work together to create the extraordinary. It can be done. Let’s get it done.

Posted at 11:40 AM

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