MAY 2014

While the election results were not in our favour, our support system just keeps getting stronger. Hundreds of 'Together with Nandan' volunteers took time out of their lives to campaign for me during the election campaign time. Some knocked on hundreds of doors with Rohini, some ran for the cause, some did public events, and all of them worked together with me, for a shared dream to make this city better. We celebrate these volunteers.

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MAY 2014

Yesterday afternoon, I congratulated Ananth Kumar on his victory in Bengaluru South. 

This was a hard-fought campaign. I am deeply grateful to the voters who voted for me, for your faith in me. To those who did not vote for me, I regret that I was unable to win your support in the election. 

We’ve been part of a historic democratic exercise. 55 crore Indians cast their vote across the country - this is the largest election turnout in world history. 

I respect the choice that voters across the country have made, and I want to thank the Election Commission for its hard work, in ensuring that the process ran smoothly. 

I want to thank the Congress Party, for their faith in me as a candidate. I joined the Congress on March 9, and I was entirely new to electoral politics. Yet the Congress leaders were incredibly supportive, and the leaders were united in their efforts for this campaign. 


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APR 2014


In 48 hours, on April 17, Bengaluru will go to the polls to vote for its MP. I urge you to VOTE and make your choice count.

If you agree that it is time that we have a clean, honest, and transparent MP who delivers on his promises, please vote for me, Nandan Nilekani, Congress Candidate from Bangalore South, by pressing 3 on the voting machine on April 17.

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Today, people in Bengaluru are tired of an MP who is ranked 139 in Parliament and has a number of scams to his name. People are tired of an MP whose record is 5 chances, 18 years, and a litany of broken promises.

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APR 2014

The second of the three promises in my manifesto: creating more opportunities in jobs and education for all Bengalurians.

To do that, I will work on getting increased funds and investment into Bengaluru - both from the Central Government, and from agencies like the World Bank, so that we can fund our current needs and invest in tomorrow's infrastructure. Increased investment will bring jobs to the city.

I will also prioritize investment into better education. We need to bring the excellence and good teaching that is now there in some of our schools and colleges to all our schools.

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APR 2014

Let's make Bengaluru the first among our cities. The first of the three promises in my manifesto: ensuring better quality of life for Bengaluru. 


To do that I will work with the state government to implement 1) Zero water shortage, by reviving our local water sources and waste water management 2) A garbage-free city through systems to encourage local, neighborhood-level composting and rain water harvesting  and 3) A transportation grid for Bengaluru, that links up metro, bus transport, and commuter rail.

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